Friday Virtual Sessions

Our sessions are relevant to anyone interested in cycling, trails, active transportation, or working and volunteering in the social change space. We have sessions on mobility, policies, community organizing, and avoiding burnout. Enjoy hearing from our stellar line-up of subject matter expert session leaders. 

Session Descriptions

Dr. Destiny Thomas

Session 1: Why We Should Engage in the Development of Our Growing Cities 

    • Dr. Destiny Thomas from the Thrivance Group will help summit attendees understand why being engaged in the development of our growing cities creates a world where everyone has equitable access to safe neighborhoods, beautiful spaces, social enterprise, healthy food options, quality healthcare, affordable housing, active transportation and clean air and water.
    • Facilitated breakout discussion of sharing how city development affects you
Charlene Mack

Session 2: How to Organize the Community to Support a Cause

    • Charlene Mack, Strategist and Management Consultant, and Teaching Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School will give summit attendees a crash course in community organizing by walking participants through a process for growing grassroots support and empowering others to support the change they wish to see in the world.
    • Facilitated breakout discussion of how to organize your community
Kelsey-6571 copy 2
Kelsey Blackwell

Session 3: How to Sustain your Own Momentum-Cultivating Resilience to Avoid Burning Out 

    • Kelsey Blackwell, Somatic Coach from the Strozzi Institute, and an InterPlay Leader will discuss the importance of combatting fatigue and burnout as we live through multiple overlapping crises. While we may feel a push to keep moving, sometimes maintaining momentum looks like slowing down. In this session, we’ll champion the type of ‘momentum’ that makes space for pause, rest, and self-care. Attendees will come away with an embodied practice for cultivating resilience and for sustaining well-being as we navigate whatever may be ahead.
    • Facilitated breakout discussion of sharing ways to avoid burnout
elected officials

Elected Official Policy Panel

Session 4: How to Effectively Engage with Elected officials

    • Moderated by Jaclyn House, KNWA Producer and co-host of Good Day NWA. Jaclyn will interview a panel of women elected officials to talk about effectively engaging in dialogue with them on issues you care about and also about their experience and advice running for office.
    • Facilitated breakout discussion of working within your community's political structure
concurrent sessions photo
Aparna Rajagopal & Elyse Rylander

Session 5: Concurrent sessions for White and BIPOC women to explore Building Inclusive Spaces and Navigating Barriers

    • Summit attendees will split out into two concurrent sessions that create Accountability and Affinity spaces that provide for deeper conversations in a safer space around issues of exclusion and barriers in the trails and cycling sector.
    • A) An Affinity space to help BIPOC women process through exclusionary incidents and structures, build connections around shared experiences, heal in community, and identify strategies that would support them.
    • B) An Accountability space to help white women process through the feelings that arise when they may be unintentionally complicit in exclusion, identify internal barriers that keep them from speaking up and working in solidarity, and commit to tangible action steps to tear down barriers to access, participation, and positive experiences on trails and paths.
Felicia Ruiz

Session 6: Celebrating your Accomplishments with Ritual and Remedy

    • Celebrating accomplishments is often forgotten in our busy lives. Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz, a traditional healer, will walk attendees through creating their own aromatic spritzer (using the box of ingredients shipped prior) to celebrate accomplishments and participation in the summit and support emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.
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