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Is This Summit For Me?

This event was designed with all women* (cis and trans) in mind; this includes women of color and the non-binary community. We are intentionally trying to expand outside of the current trails, cycling, and active transportation bubble by welcoming women who typically haven’t participated in these communities. We also believe it is important to build relationships with women who are current members of those communities to deepen partnerships and connections. Summit attendees are not required to be cycling enthusiasts but are encouraged to be interested in social change, active transportation, nonprofits, community groups, or grassroots organizations making positive change within their community.

Financial Assistance Available

We want to remove as many barriers as possible that keep women from attending: Financial assistance is available to help cover the costs of being absent from a day or work and/or assist with child-care costs. Email [email protected] if you need financial assistance. We chose a streaming service that will make virtual sessions easy to access via mobile devices for those who may not have a computer or stable internet access. We are also mindful of our outdoor adventures being local and easy to get to and the importance of having down-to-earth guides to help make these experiences not only fun but comfortable. If you would like to try an outdoor activity for the first time then this is the right place for you.

*The Critical Mass Summit team is conscious of the ever-evolving language around gender and identity. The Summit team uses woman/en to refer to anyone who identifies as female, regardless of sex assigned at birth, gender expression, or gender identity. The goal is to create a space that is inclusive, respectful, and welcoming of the trans, cis and non-binary communities.

Still Have Some Questions?

Meet The Team


Bea Apple


Bianca Montoya


Lauren Hildreth


Kimberly Seay


Laura Hammarstrom

  • BikeNWA

    BikeNWA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to create a more active transportation friendly community by advocating for safe, connected bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure; supporting programs and events that foster a thriving, fun cycling culture; and ensuring that diverse constituencies have a voice in the development of new policies and infrastructure.

  • NWA Trailblazers

    NWA Trailblazers: NWA Trailblazers is a nonprofit organization that develops multi-use trails for cycling, running, walking and most importantly, discovering the beauty found across NW Arkansas. For two decades the NWA Trailblazers have been committed to building quality trails. Community driven with the main goal to help NW Arkansas step outside and discover more.

  • Bike.POC

    Bike.POC was formed by Kim Seay and Bea Apple in early 2020 to diversify the cycling community in Northwest Arkansas. They launched a series of Black Lives Matter rides to show support for racial justice issues and create a welcoming place for people of color to participate. BikeNWA supported this effort by providing bikes and logistical support. In 2021, BikeNWA and BIke.POC will continue to work together in furtherance of their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion in the cycling and active transportation community in Northwest Arkansas.

  • Walton Family Foundation

    Walton Family Foundation is, at its core, a family-led foundation. Three generations of the descendants of our founders, Sam and Helen Walton, and their spouses, work together to lead the foundation and create access to opportunity for people and communities. We work in three areas: improving K-12 education, protecting rivers and oceans and the communities they support, and investing in our home region of Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta. In 2019, the foundation awarded more than $525 million in grants in support of these initiatives. To learn more, visit waltonfamilyfoundation.org and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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